Basic EMDR

Basic 6

Basic 6 150 150 scalingupdev

I LOVE this training! Although there is a lot of information, valuable information, I am able to learn through practice and getting questions answered. The trainers are wonderful, considerate, and raw! Thank you!

Basic 5

Basic 5 150 150 scalingupdev

All this information has been great and I am absolutely looking forward to applying what I learned today and thus far with clients on their journey to healing. THANK YOU!

Basic 4

Basic 4 150 150 scalingupdev

Really love the practical application pieces of the training and getting to utilize the protocols and resourcing with other people in the training.

Virtual Basic EMDR 3

Virtual Basic EMDR 3 150 150 assistant

Great training. I felt overwhelmed at some point, the role play from the facilitators was very helpful.

Virtual Basic EMDR 2

Virtual Basic EMDR 2 150 150 assistant

A big Thank you to all the facilitators. I learned a lot from your feedback.

Virtual Basic EMDR 1

Virtual Basic EMDR 1 150 150 assistant

Great course. It was amazing to do the EMDR on each other. I was impressed with how open and honest everyone was including Elizabeth and all the other facilitators.

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