Available in-person or live, online via Zoom
Private Group Trainings for the Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization (ASSYST) Procedures
Kelly Smyth-Dent

Private Group Trainings for the ASSYST Procedures

In a world experiencing an increased number of mental disorders, mental health conditions, or ongoing traumatic stress, mental health professionals need to be able to respond confidently and effectively in their community. With fewer resources available and a higher demand of services needed, mental health therapists need an intervention that is quick and efficient. The Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization (ASSYST)© procedure can be offered online or in-person, and individually or in a group setting. The ASSYST is specifically designed to provide support to clients who present Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Clients experiencing intense psychological distress or somatic reactivity caused by the disorder’s intrusion symptoms.

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For example, recurrent memories of the adverse experience(s) that includes one or more of the following components:

  • Sensory (e.g., images, smells, sounds, touch or be touched, taste).
  • Emotional (physical sensations associated with affective states).
  • Physiological (visceral sensations: vomit sensation, sense of heat for a burn victim, shortness of breath for a near-drowning experience survivor).


This offering is to help make the training more affordable and accessible to agencies wanting to train a group of people at the same time in a private format. For example, the full price of this private training is $2,500 (with no cap as to how many people are attending). The single cost of an individual for the on-demand training is $195 per person. This means that if you want to train over 12 people, then it is more cost-effective to pay for the private training package. This training includes 4-hours of live, online teaching, along with 4 NBCC and ASWB Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Who is eligible?

Our intended audience are: 1) Licensed Therapists or 2) Pre-licensed therapists who have graduated with their master’s degree, who are working toward their clinical licensure and are under supervision, and 3) Master’s Level Graduate Students pursuing a career in mental health counseling. If you are not yet licensed, then you must have a letter of approval from your clinical supervisor and you must be working with clients in a clinical setting.


We can offer services live, in-person at your agency, but there will be more costs associated for travel. OR, we can provide the training online, live streaming through Zoom for $2,500.


Email us at info@scalingupemdr.com with your interest and we will coordinate the details from there.


Total price = $2,500

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) theoretical model.
  • Describe the relationship between the AIP theoretical model and the nervous system.
  • Identify what clinicians should do during critical care, rapid response, or early intervention and why.
  • List what clinicians should do to stabilize the client’s nervous system.
  • Describe the relationship between the Polyvagal theory and the co-regulation.
  • Identify how clinicians can keep a physiological non-anxious presence to help the clients co-regulate.
  • Explain the ASSYST treatment procedures in a group, individual, and web-based formats definition, design, and objective.
  • Describe the importance of the PTSD intrusion symptoms in clinical practice.
  • Identify why EMDR clinicians can use the ASSYS Individual treatment intervention to increase the prevention of dissociative reactions during reprocessing.
  • Describe examples of online and in-person support with the ASSYST treatment procedures.

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