Dr. Ignacio (“Nacho”) Jarero

Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero, Ph.D., Ed, D., is the world pioneer in the provision of EMDR Therapy in a group format in-person and online, AIP-informed Advance Psychosocial Interventions for Trauma-Exposed Populations, and AIP-informed Treatment Intervention Procedures for in-person and remote treatment.

For his humanitarian services worldwide, with over 200 deployments working in worst-case scenarios, he received the Francine Shapiro Award, the International Crisis Response Leadership Award, and the Psychotrauma Trajectory Award.

As a Senior Researcher, he received the EMDR International Association Outstanding Research Award, and was instrumental in having the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies conclude that EMDR is an evidence-based treatment for acute stress disorder. He is in the top 5% of the most widely read researchers in the world who are members of Research Gate, an organization that brings together more than 20 million researchers from all areas of human knowledge.

He is a Founder Member of the Council of Scholars for the Future of EMDR Therapy Project, Research Working Group. ISTSS Research SIG member. Frontiers in Public Health Journal Associate Editor. Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, Elsevier Journals, and Frontiers in Psychology Journal Reviewer.

Dr. Jarero is an EMDR Institute Senior Trainer of Trainers and Advance Specialty Trainer, Expert Certified TeleMental Health Clinician, and has conducted seminars and workshops worldwide with participants from 70 different countries.

He is a co-developer of the EMDR Protocol for Recent Critical Incidents and Ongoing Traumatic Stress (EMDR-PRECI)©, the Protocol for Paraprofessionals Use (PROPARA) ©, the Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization (ASSYST) © AIP-informed treatment procedures in a group, individual, and remote formats, and the EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol (EMDR-IGTP) © that has been provided worldwide with thousands of natural or human provoked disaster survivors and populations with recent, present or past prolonged adverse experiences.

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