Kelly Smyth-Dent

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EMDR Advanced Trainer & EMDRIA Approved Consultant & Trainer

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EMDR Trainer and published researcher, Kelly stands at the forefront of EMDR therapy and training on a global scale. Her work has taken her across continents—from France to Ethiopia and from Bangladesh to India, as well as throughout the United States—conducting EMDR Basic and Advanced Trainings.

As a valued member of world-renowned EMDR-specialist Dr. Ignacio Jarero’s esteemed research team in Mexico, Kelly contributes to the cutting-edge development of EMDR therapy. Kelly serves as a lead trainer of specialists, ensuring that the facilitation of EMDR therapy adheres to the highest standards of excellence and consistency.

Kelly’s authentic and innovative approach to running Scaling Up allows for a large community of high-quality trainers and therapists who share similar values and mission to work together to make therapy more accessible and affordable globally.

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