Paula Moreno


My name is Paula Moreno, I was born in Buenos Aires Argentina. That is where I live and develop my professional activity. Since the beginning of my career, I have been passionate about contact with children.

I graduated as a psychologist at the University of Buenos Aires in 1993 and from then until the end of 2021 I have worked in a Child Abuse Assistance Program. There I had the opportunity to be trained in the detection of maltreatment indicators and family risk assessments.

I developed my experience as a clinician, coordinating parenting groups for parents, assistance groups for children and adolescents who are victims of different types of abuse, individual and family treatment.

I have carried out the formation of two areas within this Program: one in relation to the treatment of children and adolescents who are victims of sexual exploitation and an area dedicated to accompanying children and caregivers in adoption processes.

This clinical insertion was integrated with my training as a family therapist, trauma therapist, EMDR therapist, EMDR facilitator and EMDR approved consultant, and therapist trained in Mindfulness and Compassion as well as in Compassion Centered Therapy.

As I unfolded my clinical work, I began to create spaces linked to teaching. To this day I enjoy sharing my practices and experience with both national and international colleagues. On several occasions I have written articles with this same purpose.

I am a trainer of courses in Spanish at the ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Dissociation) and I am part of the faculty of the Sociedad Mindfulness y Salud.

During the past ten years I have trained Uruguayan judges and prosecutors on the issue of child sexual abuse. I am co-author of the book Child sexual abuse. Relevant issues for their treatment in justice.

Art is part of my life and my work. Within this line of work, I have written three children’s therapeutic stories.

Since a few years ago I have been directing the campaign for social prevention against verbal abuse.

Currently, I work in my private practice and teaching workshops and courses. I also enjoy accompanying national and international colleagues in individual and institutional consultations.

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