Dr. Francine #9

Dr. Francine #9 150 150 assistant

100% recommend! All of their trainings are awesome! I also recently did the one on ongoing traumatic stress, which teaches you the PRECI and other protocols Definitely changed the way I do EMDR

Dr. Francine #8

Dr. Francine #8 150 150 assistant

Colleagues – we just finished a remote group ASSYST offering – participants were surprised at the impact…

one person had an aha moment, other talked about the surprising thing that came up and how quickly things dropped in terms of distress levels…

Dr. Francine #7

Dr. Francine #7 150 150 assistant

“Dr. Jarero’s training really helped me with my work at our emergency shelter. The ASSYST procedure has helped me to stabilize some of the teens I see right after they enter the shelter. The ASSYST allows for stabilization before they begin their trauma work and it helps build rapport with the clients in a way where they know that you as a clinician can assist them through this difficult time. I really enjoyed Dr. Jarero’s training not just because of the protocols but also his delivery. He was so engaging that it did not even feel like a training.”

Dr. Francine #6

Dr. Francine #6 150 150 assistant

Tis the season to use the ASSYST! 3 times today. And all with success

Dr. Francine #5

Dr. Francine #5 150 150 assistant

The ASSYST is really helpful protocol!! Especially done remotely

Dr. Francine #4

Dr. Francine #4 150 150 assistant

Clinicians in our agency are using ASSYST with recent traumaS (witnessing fatal accidents, domestic violence assaults, etc) to reduce reactivity to recent event with clients with complex trauma history as well.

Dr. Francine #3

Dr. Francine #3 150 150 assistant

Hey everyone! some of you may have heard that Nacho and I were able to join a team of therapists in El Paso to conduct a Rapid response Team using the ASSYST group and individual producers related to those affected by the recent Walmart shooting. We were able to respond within 13 days of the event!

Dr. Francine #2

Dr. Francine #2 150 150 assistant

“I am deeply grateful and trust the ASSYST procedures as a powerful tool for a rapid and effective response to traumatic events. The ASSYST procedures  allows us to feel confident that with our intervention, sustained in a very clear and fluid procedures, we will achieve the reduction of intense patient disturbance, without the need to know precisely the details of the event, facilitating to  our patients the natural processing of the traumatic event, which in our case were severe situations of human rights violations.”

Dr. Francine #1

Dr. Francine #1 150 150 assistant

“Unfortunately it happens often at the agency level that families or individuals need support to heal from trauma, but there are often many life stressors and instability that make it difficult to provide therapy. Your resources have helped me more confidently treatment plan for them and the children have been very interested in the skills.  They offer their own SUDs without prompting and are comfortable with using the butterfly hug for themselves.  They appear comfortable engaging and have been able to share good memories about their (deceased) father as well.”

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