Basic EMDR

Basic 16

Basic 16 150 150 assistant
All of the trainers were incredible and clear experts.  I appreciated the support, specific feedback, and kindness from each. I also appreciated the organization and clarity.

Basic 15

Basic 15 150 150 assistant

This training was excellent! I felt completely held and supported by Liz, Kelly and Sarai. I learned so much and feel that despite it being a big learning curve, it feels accessible and the feedback and encouragement made me feel competent and respected, even in moments of learning and growth. I truly appreciated your genuineness, vulnerability, and the opportunity to be in multiple roles within the process. Thank you so much!

Basic 14

Basic 14 150 150 assistant
Liz, Kelly and Sarai are incredible- truly exceed every expectation.  I am excited for the consultations and learned so much- overwhelming, but in an exciting, energizing way.  I felt very held and supported.

Basic 13

Basic 13 150 150 assistant

This training was excellent. The teaching was incredibly supportive and clear. I felt supported throughout the whole process.  Liz, Kelly, and Sarai were so encouraging and helpful. I learned so much and appreciated all of the gentle and supportive feedback. I appreciated the genuineness and vulnerability from the trainers. It was so helpful to have the opportunity to be in multiple roles throughout the process. Thank you so much! I’m excited to implement my learning and to support clients.

Basic 12

Basic 12 150 150 assistant
Wonderful training. Learned a lot, feel comfortable trying EMDR and relatively confident given that I am aware I don’t have to do it all perfectly.  Appreciated trainer vulnerability as I was also being asked to be vulnerable and try new things myself.

Basic 11

Basic 11 150 150 assistant

This was the most impactful training I have attended. Trainers were knowledgeable, caring, courageous, empathic, and helpful. I have so greatly appreciated this process and am grateful to have been a part of this.

Basic 10

Basic 10 150 150 assistant
Wonderful training. Thank you, team for the immense amount of work you have done both in creation of the course and the years of experience in caring for others that you are sharing with us.

Basic 9

Basic 9 150 150 scalingupdev

I very much appreciate the attunement by not only the participants but also the instructors.  They offer very valuable feedback and I just love the dynamic here!! Thank you!

Basic 8

Basic 8 150 150 scalingupdev

This training was incredible. The education related to C-PTSD and Dissociation was very helpful and detailed. I appreciated the discussion regarding the feedback you had received at the beginning of the training and seeking out suggestions on how to improve. I have no suggestions on improvement, as this was a very incredible experience.

Basic 7

Basic 7 150 150 scalingupdev

This was a wonderful experience and I’m grateful for all the knowledge I was able to get from this training. Everything felt wonderful. I have no critical feedback to provide.

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