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If you have not been to see Nacho before, do find the time! Nacho and Kelly have accomplished amazing things in the world of trauma and can support your development in an easy, fun and professional manner.

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Yes, it is worth it. I took the training a few months ago and have used it with several cases. Very effective and clear training. Got for it!


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I just wanted to write and let you know how much I am enjoying the advanced EMDR training. Thank you for encouraging me to do it! Your explanations of the AIP model have been the clearest and best I have ever heard, the training is really very good!

Robbins COMBO

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It is the only training I have taken twice – in my entire career. Definitely worth it. I use the PRECI all the time!

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Look into Dr. Nacho Jarero’s training on the ASSYST and PRECI protocols. I attended his training and it was immensely helpful for ongoing traumatic stress, group EMDR and rapid response.


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I’ve been to this training and I don’t want to oversell it but in my opinion the training was absolutely amazing. Dr. Jarero is a great presenter, extremely knowledgeable and really funny (which I really like in trainings). I would wholeheartedly recommend going!!!!!!

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Dr. Jarero’s training really helped me with my work at our emergency shelter. The ASSYST procedure has helped me to stabilize some of the teens I see right after they enter the shelter. The ASSYST allows for stabilization before they begin their trauma work and it helps build rapport with the clients in a way where they know that you as a clinician can assist them through this difficult time. I really enjoyed Dr. Jarero’s training not just because of the protocols but also his delivery. He was so engaging that it did not even feel like a training.

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I recently completed Dr. Jarero’s 4-module [on-demand] training on the ASSYST and PRECI-OTS. Let me just say that the PRECI-OTS protocol has changed my practice dramatically in just 3 weeks. My clients are shifting like never before. I can’t tell you how valuable this resource has quickly become to me.

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I love Nacho’s teaching style, warmth, and humor. The protocols are very practical and can be used immediately after the training. We experienced it firsthand before he explained how it worked. Then, he was able to back it up with his amazing research. I’ve used it in my private practice and in the field in Ethiopia and have had incredible results. I highly recommend this training!

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