Intensives 8

Intensives 8 150 150 scalingupdev

“Overall, I found this training to be excellent and extremely practical in laying out considerations in planning to offer intensives. I appreciated the examples both presenters shared from each of their own practices and experiences – both the successes and the things they would perhaps have done differently in hindsight. I also found the workbook exercises helpful in bringing structure to my own thoughts about how to potentially do this.”

Intensives 7

Intensives 7 150 150 scalingupdev

“Superbly organized and presented, with relatively short segments, appropriate repetition, exercises to encourage application of concepts, and example cases. Unusual to provide business, website, and marketing.”

Intensives 6

Intensives 6 150 150 scalingupdev

“The training was well presented and applicable to my practice. There was a lot of information to digest and support the implementation of intensives with clients.”

Intensives 5

Intensives 5 150 150 scalingupdev

“I loved this! It offered me the confidence to launch into intensives and to articulate the work to clients and colleagues.”

Intensives 4

Intensives 4 150 150 assistant

“I’ve had other trainings/presentations on how to evolve into intensives- this was the best one that I’ve taken.”

Intensives 3

Intensives 3 150 150 assistant

“I am so very pleased to have found this course. It was one of the most useful and I will look at other trainings through Scaling Up. Competent, clear, effective presenters!”

Intensives 2

Intensives 2 150 150 assistant

“Thank you so much! This resulted in me recommending a family member to do an intensive!”

Intensives 1

Intensives 1 150 150 assistant

“Thank you for offering this course it was Amazing!!!”

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