Refresher 9

Refresher 9 150 150 assistant

Amazing training! It felt like a very safe space to learn and practice. Everyone and everything about this refresher was great. I will walk away with increased confidence 🙂

Refresher 8

Refresher 8 150 150 assistant

This was an incredibly supportive environment that you three co-created! I really appreciated your strong use of the chat function as it made the sharing feel more equitable (ie, less easily for one person to noticeably dominate). Thank you so much; I feel much more confident in my abilities and in the process.

Refresher 7

Refresher 7 150 150 assistant

Excellent program, both content and providers. I feel so much more capable as a newbie and am excited to get going! Thank you so much!!

Refresher 6

Refresher 6 150 150 assistant

I was really nervous as I struggle a lot with virtual trainings, and getting through the videos was challenging for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and engagement of this virtual training. I was able to stay engaged and appreciated the interaction.

Refresher 5

Refresher 5 150 150 assistant

I left this refresher feeling more confident and prepared to continue. Many aspects of the therapy were clarified. I am grateful that I broke my “NO MORE TRAININGS” rule!

Refresher 4

Refresher 4 150 150 assistant

Wonderful, supportive environment for learning! Fantastic resources and up-to-date information. I appreciate the modern, best practice focus. Thank you for answering questions in such a welcoming manner. My confidence has been built up, and though I am still nervous about proceeding, I will get consultation and continue in my practice.

Refresher 3

Refresher 3 150 150 assistant

“Good review. I appreciated the trainer reviewing each phase and what may have changed over the years. I would like to have more details on the anxiety protocol or working with anxiety which was presented, even if it was only in the form of an attached document. Thank you.”

Refresher 2

Refresher 2 150 150 assistant

“This was great refresher content. It left me wanting more information specific to the population(s) I work with. I felt a new confidence in utilizing EMDR in my practice.”

Refresher 1

Refresher 1 150 150 assistant

“Really enjoyed this refresher course.”

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